Learning Life Lessons about the Beauty Industry

My NYFW experience was one for the books. I try to exercise truth in everything I do. This experience was supposed to be life changing and create new opportunities for us (nail techs). Unfortunately, that’s NOT what this was. We were mislead in more ways than one. We (I say “We” referencing the nail techs but makeup artist and hairstylist paid to be there as well) We paid a lot of money to have exposure, network and create opportunities for us to boost our careers. Again, NONE of that happened. We paid $100 to attend a VIP party that was SUPPOSED to have celebrities where we could, yet again, network, create new opportunities, be fashionable and always be camera ready. (Y’all know I’m not fashionable 😂), but I made sure that I was. We get to the party, everyone who was there…was either a make up artist, hairstylist, nail tech, model, production assistants or volunteer. There was NO ONE there to network with, these are the people we had been working with during the shows. How can I network with people who are also looking to networking with people…both trying to boost our careers?!?! A few of us paid money to expose our BRANDS on a step and repeat. That was not the case. Again, we PAID $250 to have our BRANDS visually exposed. We were told that the logos were all different and it didn’t look professional so an executive decision was made to NOT have our logos and just have our NAMES on the step and repeat. When in actuality I would have denied that and requested my money back. I found this so called Step and Repeat and my REAL NAME was printed at the very bottom of the wall painting where NO ONE could see it, bc it wasn’t a step and repeat as promised via email. Why would I want my REAL NAME on something that is business related when some people don’t even know my real name?!?! Why wasn’t NailsDoneWright listed Bc I’m here for BUSINESS?!?!? Yea, I can’t answer that. We were told that OPI sponsored us…well OPI wasn’t listed on the Step and Repeat either…soooo?!?!

That was a lie!! If you are looking to expose your brand in the beauty industry via fashion shows….I would suggest to do extensive research on whom you’re speaking with regarding the opportunity. Also, what I learned is that you have to accept that people are going to yell and talk to you as if you’re incompetent (something Im not going to accept in any realm of my life). You also need to ask all the questions you need BEFORE you pay any deposits. So although my experience was not worth the money in invested…I NOW know this isn’t the direction that I want my brand to go.

The only positive thing about this experience was meeting some amazing and talented brown girls from everywhere!! 😘😘

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