The Cuticle Queen

Who Am I?
Shauna Wright, owner of NailsDoneWright, LLC and the creator of The Cuticle Queen Blog.

How did my interest in the nail industry begin?
In 2012, I switched careers which also altered my lifestyle, which included the “pampering part of life”. It was around Thanksgiving 2012, and of course I went Black Friday with my mom, this is when the self starter Gel Nail kits had just appeared. I was gifted one and the rest was history. LOL! I began to paint my own nails and my best friends nails for fun and realized that I really enjoyed it. I continued to practice daily on friends and family and decided to enroll in Nail Tech school to obtain my license to make it an official “side hustle”. In 2013, I completed the Virginia State Board and I was a License Nail Technician.

Since obtaining my license, I have consistently researched methods, maintenance techniques to ensure that my clients receive consistent, professional and quality-driven services.

Am I Licensed?
Yes, I have been a licensed nail tech since 2013.

Why do I enjoy doing what I do?
I am driven by the support of my clients! I love being able to provide a professional service while also educating all of my clients on proper nail care, maintenance between services and understanding the essentials for healthy, growing nails.

Where can I be found?
AjaBluSalon 9841 Greenbelt Rd. Lanham Maryland 20706

Instagram: @Nailsdonewright

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The Cuticle Queen