Cuticle vs. Eponychium

Nail Anatomy There is far more to the nail than what meets the naked eye!! Matrix: Where the new nail plate cells are created and nail plate begins to form. Eponychium: LIVING skin at the base of the nail. Eponychium is often confused as the cuticle. Proximal Nail Fold of Eponychium: (see photo below) The…

Acrylic Vs. Hard Gel

“What is the difference between acrylic and hard gel?” A common question I get asked at almost every appointment. Let me explain both: Acrylics When monomer liquid (liquid) and polymer powder (powder) are combined this what we call Acrylics. This can be applied three ways: On the natural nail as a protective overlay Over a…


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Winter Cuticles

Having trouble managing your cuticles with this winter vortex coming through the DMV area?